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Packed full of antioxidants, Assam tea not only wins on taste but also on health benefits.

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Sunshine assam Tea - 10 Tea Sticks: assam Tea Comes from The North East Part of India. Full Bodied, Pungent and Malty, They are The Perfect Morning Pick Me Ups! Serve with a Shot of Milk. ingredients: Pure assam Whole Leaf Black Tea. Weight: each Stick Weighs 2.5Gms each. Net Weight: 25Gms. Health Benefits: Good for The Heart. Anti-Oxidant. Good for Digestion. Great Stress Reliever. Helps you Lose Weight. Boosts your Metabolism. Prevents Diabetes. Improves Bone Health. Great for Natural your Skin. Please Note: one Tea Stick is Good for 2 To 3 Cups of Pure Refreshing Tea. What is a Tea Stick: Tea Sticks are an Elegantly Superior alternative Purenatural To Tea Bags and Loose Tea Leaves. The Tea Sticks are Semi-Rigid, Perforated Food Grade aluminium Foil Tubes; Factory Filled with World Class Premium Loose Tea.

Q. How frequently can I have it, daily?

A. You can have it twice or thrice daily.

Q. What are the benefits of this tea?

A. It is good for the heart, digestion, prevents Diabetes, improves bone health, helps to lose weight, great for the skin and is a powerful stress reliever.

Q. Can I have it cold?

A. Ocourse! Just add a dash of lemon and ice-cubes, for a nice refreshing drink.

Q. Why Tea Sticks?

A. Tea Sticks are an Elegantly Superior alternative to Tea Bags and Loose Tea Leaves. The Tea Sticks are Semi-Rigid, Pearforated Food Grade Aluminium Foil Tubes that get you the desired strength, just by stirring. One stick yields 2-3 cups of refreshing drink.
Ingredients: Pure assam Whole Leaf Black Tea. Content: 10 Tea Sticks
Put one Tea Stick in a Pre Warmed Cup and add Freshly Boiled Water. Stir The Tea Stick To agitate and Circulate The Leaves To Obtain Desired Strength for Optimal Flavour allow The Tea Stick To Brew for 3 Minutes Remove and add Sugar or Honey as Desired.

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