Radico Organic Henna Powder - 100g

Natural Hair Colorant

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The pure organic henna powder stimulates the hair growth and gives it a nice color. It helps in revitalizing the hair follicles, conditions the strands and enhances healthy growth of hair. It makes the hair healthy and shine in real luster.

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Radico Organic Henna Powder is a natural hair color that is commonly used by people who are conscious and fearful about the side effects of other hair dyes. It gives a natural hair color without any chemical influence and also offers a complete hair treatment. It gives the color, prevents hair-loss, dandruff, suitable for hypoallergenic people. It does not contain chemicals, synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. 

Q. How is it beneficial to hair?

A. It offers an excellent way to color, nourish and condition your hair naturally.

Q. Does it contain any chemical?

A. It does not contain any chemical and is 100% natural.

Q. What hair type is suitable for?

A. It is suitable for all hair types.

Q. Does it also work on dandruff?

A. Yes, it helps in dandruff too as it gently conditions the scalp and hair.

Ingredients: Natural Henna Content: 100G Powder Pack
Henna Must Be applied To Clean Wet Hair for The Best Results. make a Thick Paste of Henna Powder and Water. Let It Stay for 10 Minutes. apply Evenly on Hair from Root To Tip Using Brush or Hands. Leave It on for 45 To 90 Minutes Depending on Shade of Henna

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