Radico Colour Me Organic Dark Brown Hair Colour - 100g

Natural Hair Colorant

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It is a pure and natural herbal hair color not only colors the hair to dense dark brown color, but also nourishes the scalp and hair for a healthy hair growth.

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Radico organic hair color is a professional hair color manufactured by using Ayurvedic certified pure organic herbs [Henna, Methi, Amla, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Coffee, Indigo in different proportions]. This is the first certified pure organic hair color which covers gray hair effectively and properly in one step with no synthetic ingredients. It gently coats your hair with vibrant stable color that lasts long and also balances and nourishes the hair shaft to prevent breakage and over-drying. It leaves the hair shiny, thick, lustrous and naturally healthy. So, it's time to say goodbye to irritating gray hair. If you are allergic to chemicals and have sensitive skin, this chemical free natural hair color is made just for you.

Q. How is it beneficial to the hair?

A. It offers an excellent way to color, nourish and condition your hair naturally.

Q. Does it contain any chemical?

A. It does not contain any chemical and is 100% natural.

Q. What hair type is suitable for?

A. It is suitable for all hair types.

Q. Does it also work on dandruff?

A. Yes, it helps in dandruff too as it gently conditions the scalp and hair.

Ingredients: Henna, Methi, Amla, Hibiscus, Indigo, Coffee, Bhringraj Content: 100Gm Powder, Brush, Cap, a Pair of Gloves and instruction Manual
Mix in Warm Water in 1:3 Ratio( 1 Part Organic Hair Colour & 3 Parts Water), apply with Hand or Brush, Cover Head with Shower Cap, Heat Through Hair Dryer can Be applied During This Time To intensify Results, Rinse Wash after 60-90 Minutes. Shampoo after 2 Days. First Time users Do It Twice in 3 Days interval. Please Be Patient with This Hair Colour Made of only Herbs, Colour appears Over 48 Hours. Please Do Not Compare Results with Chemical Hair Colours.

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