Purenaturals Frago Maxx Perfume Concentrate Roll On - 8ml

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The authentic perfume concentrate contains the fragrance mesmerizes to the core, keeping you fresh and energetic all day long! 

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Purenaturals Frago Maxx Perfume Concentrate contains the fragrance inspired and designed for discerning young users. It is all-time favorite signature perfume which has notes of international fragrance. The perfume is Loved by men and women alike. The fragrance mesmerizes you to the core, keeping you fresh and energetic all day long. The fresh, woody fragrance can be a prized possession of yours, wearing which will draw attention of people around you, any where. It can be your signature way of carrying yourself gracefully and in confidence. Formulated with all the pure fragrant herbs, this perfume concentrate comes with mood-uplifting qualities to always make you feel good and fresh!

Q. Can I replace it with my Deo?

A. Yes! Though perfumes should ideally be sprayed only on the clothes you wear and handkerchiefs that you carry but Purenaturals Frago Maxx Perfume Concentrate is skin-friendly and can be applied both on the skin and clothes. 

Q. Whom is it meant for - Men or Women?

A. It is meant for both Men and Women.

Q. How should I store it for prolonged application?

A. For prolonged application, it should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Q.Can it by any chance cause any allergic reaction?

A. No! It is not likely to cause any allergic reaction.

Ingredients: Brought To you in 8 Ml Roll on Bottle,Concentrate Perfume for Keeping in your Everywhere Bags. Skin Friendly alcohol Free formulation. a Proprietary Blend of aroma Molecules & Natural Essential Oils. Lasts Really Long, Ideally for More Than 8 Hours. Content: 1Pcs 8Ml Bottle.
Use Perfume Concentrate Directly on Skin, If Want To use on Beautiful attire use Them Via Separate Cloth or Paper Tissues.

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