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Khadi Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo - 210ml

The extracts of Amla, Reetha, Bhringraj, Haritaki, Henna and Neem contained in Khadi Amla & Bhringra.....
MRP Rs.115.00

Khadi Balsam Hair Oil - 210ml

Khadi Balsam Hair Oil contains natural antioxidants that protects the natural beauty of your hair fr.....
MRP Rs.350.00

Khadi Green Apple + Conditioner Shampoo - 210ml

Apple is an pure and excellent natural Hair Tonic. The Amla stops graying of the hair and removes Da.....
MRP Rs.115.00

Khadi Henna Thyme Hair Tonic - 210ml

Khadi Henna Thyme Hair Tonic deep conditions and keeps away dandruff. It helps in getting rid of all.....
MRP Rs.310.00

Khadi Herbal Dark Brown Henna - 150g

This herbal hair dye gives your hair a beautiful dark brown color. It can be used on grey hair.Khadi.....
MRP Rs.220.00

Khadi Herbal Greentea & Aloevera Hair Conditioner - 210ml

Khadi Herbal Greentea & Aloevera Hair Conditioner is an antioxidant hair conditioner, that leaves th.....
MRP Rs.140.00

Khadi Herbal Hair Color Pure Indigo - 150g

Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Pure Indigo colors hair blue-black. When mixed with pure Henna it creates c.....
MRP Rs.220.00

Khadi Herbal Henna Tulsi Shampoo - 210ml

Khadi Herbal Henna Tulsi Shampoo is suitable for all hair-types, especially for dry Hair. It activat.....
MRP Rs.115.00

Khadi Herbal Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner - 210ml

Khadi Herbal Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner is a wonderful hair moisturizer that revitalizes and.....
MRP Rs.140.00

Khadi Herbal Protein Hair Cream- 100g

A Natural Hair Cream Full Of Goodness, Protein Hair Cream Nourishes The Hair Root And Shaft. Its Spe.....
MRP Rs.210.00

Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo - 210ml

Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo contains the goodness of Shikakai, Amla, Tulsi, Mehndi, Lemon, Trifala.....
MRP Rs.115.00

Khadi Neem & Aloevera Herbal Shampoo- Sls & Paraben Free - 210ml

Khadi Neem And Aloevera Shampoo helps in flaky itchy scalp, cleanses dead cells to prevent dandruff .....
MRP Rs.210.00

Khadi Neem Teatree & Basil Hair Oil - 210ml

Khadi Neem Teatree & Basil Hair Oil promotes healthy hair growth, fights dandruff & lice. It also pr.....
MRP Rs.300.00

Khadi Saffron, Tulsi & Reetha Shampoo - 210ml

The antibacterial properties of Shikakai and Tulsi extracts contained in Khadi Saffron & Tulsi Shamp.....
MRP Rs.115.00

Khadi Shikakai & Honey Hair Conditioner- Sls & Paraben Free - 210ml

Khadi Shikakai And Honey Hair Conditioner makes the hair naturally soft, manageable and keeps the sc.....
MRP Rs.210.00

Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo - Sls & Paraben - 210ml

Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo cleanses and conditions the hair at the same time. It is mild eno.....
MRP Rs.210.00

Khadi Trifala Oil - 210ml

Triphala is amazing as a body and scalp massage oil. It helps a great deal, in the absorption of all.....
MRP Rs.125.00

Khadi Tulsi Oil - 210ml

Khadi Tulsi Oil makes the hair long, healthy and naturally black. It  also helps in preventing hair .....
MRP Rs.125.00

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil - 210ml

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil promotes beautiful, long and lustrous hair and prevents premature hair los.....
MRP Rs.350.00

Khadi Woody Sandal & Honey Herbal Shampoo - Sls & Paraben Free - 210ml

Khadi Woody Sandal & Honey Shampoo is specially formulated with a unique blend of oils to soften hai.....
MRP Rs.210.00


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